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Action Man

by Lizzie Morris



Physical theatre show about a homeless veteran with PTSD fighting against the mental health cuts.


Corporal Liam Drury, after an eight-year career in the British Army, returns home to sudden and debilitating flashbacks to his time in combat. Diagnosed with PTSD, his marriage disintegrating, he finds himself being shunted from sofa to sofa. Without a stable home, he is forced to fight against impending homelessness and the detrimental effects of the mental health cuts, all in the playroom of his ex-girlfriend’s son. With equal amounts of humour and heartbreak, Plaster Cast explore what has caused Liam’s once regimented life to spiral into utter collapse.


Performed as a part of NEWvember.


10th November - 2:30pm

11th November - 2:30pm

12th November - 7:30pm

Tickets £8

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