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Wheelchair accessible throughout.

By Jack Thorne


“I think life can be basically divided into two things: suspense and surprise…I prefer surprise to suspense.  But that’s basically because I feel suspense all the time.”


A summer of love.  A fight.  A car chase.  A siege.  When Katie’s boyfriend is attacked on the streets of Luton, she is propelled outside of her borders on to the frontier of council estates and concrete jungles.  Amidst the sweltering heat, the baying for blood and longing for love, Katie is forced to decide her future.


A vital tale for our times by multi-award winning playwright, Jack Thorne, Bunny is an interrogation into the mind of one young girl struggling to find her place within a world lacking intimacy and connection.  Join her in overcoming barriers as she rides through one extraordinary evening.


Plays to See *****

“This is definitely a show to see and it will leave the viewer stunned”


Act Drop *****

“A richly layered and gripping story superbly told through Catherine Lamb's flawless and mesmerising performance.”


Breaking the Fourth Wall *****

"Lamb is able to take the story of one particular young woman in a small British town and give it a universal relevance.”



Cast: Catherine Lamb

Director: Lucy Curtis

Movement Director: Angela Gasparetto

Sound Designer: Lex Kosanke

Produced by Fabricate Theatre


Running time:1hr 10