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For many in the arts scene in Manchester, 53two has become a name they can rely on to provide quality and affordable theatre that is accessible for all, supporting emerging talent & focussing on their charity work. Sadly, our current home has succumbed to the ever present property development climate that sees not only our skyline prickle with high-rise buildings, but, perhaps more importantly, has all but crushed the grass-roots theatre world in Manchester.


Thankfully, we have been thrown a life-line! Our 'angels' have offered us a new home, to help us continue our work. To achieve this however we need, as always, support. We are asking for corporate sponsors and we're asking those that specialise in funding for the Arts to help out, however, this isn't always guaranteed.


We are aware that we have already asked Manchester for help - our patrons responded and allowed us to reach the velocity we have hit now, changing the fringe scene in Manchester. These people are listed below and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. However, sadly, we do need more for us to be able to continue.


If you can help, any amount will go towards us being able to continue our work as a charity in the North West and beyond, and all your donations will be rewarded!


To the right is a rewards scheme for those that can help us. If you or your company wish to become a more permanent 'sponsor' for amounts that are more than what's listed or to find out more information about our charity, what becoming a venue sponsor involves, our plans and to read our prospectus, please do feel free to contact us.


Below you can read what our patrons and the Manchester community have said about the arches, their time here and the importance of keeping 53two alive.





Registered Charity No. 1179418







PLEASE NOTE: Recurring amounts will ensure that the rewards are repeated in accordance with the donation or, if this isn't possible, other rewards will be made available to you.