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EASTERN GATE: Modern Music Recital


'EASTERN GATE' is a recital of contemporary music for solo classical guitar, flute, harp and percussion.


The program includes music from Finland, Cuba and Japan, containing influences from a broad spectrum of styles and genres such as hyper-romanticism, minimalism and electro acoustic music.





'La Espiral Eterna' for guitar – Leo Brouwer (1939 - present)


'Stop Speaking' for snare drum and tape - Andy Akiho (1979 - present)


'A Farewell To Those Left Behind' for vibraphone - Tim Ferchen (1947 - present)


'Voice' for flute – Toru Takemitsu (1930 - 1996)


'From the Eastern Gate' for harp - Alexina Louie (1949 - present)


'Mano a mano' for guitar – Magnus Lindberg (1958 - present)





Richard Haslam – Classical Guitar


Lizzie Brightwell-Gibbons – Percussion


Kirsten Sheldrake – Flute


Sophie Rocks – Harp


Sam Rodwell – Classical Guitar





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