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When 53two was established, we always knew that as part of our commitment to the arts we wanted to give back to the Manchester community. We've been running the arches for over 18 months now and it's time to start the return.


53two are now delighted to launch 'FOUNDation' - a fund set-aside specifically for emerging artists in Manchester and the North West. We have pledged to give back what we can to artists from across the spectrum. Whether this is in monetary format, production support, provision of venue, sponsor or other, we intend to put the money we can afford to share, back in to what we love.


There's no specific application for the fund - if you have the passion to produce your own work and it crosses our path you are automatically considered. You don't need to ask, you don't need to fill in a form - if we think that you are showing all the signs of a grass roots artist/group and you have taken the initiative to get the ball rolling, you're on our radar.



The Awards:


Our second full-scale FOUNDation production is heading to the arches in July. After the incredibly successful FLUSHED took our first bursary, we were deligted to donate the space and our support to the team behind 'Roman Candle'. Thier new writing and dedication to get the production on it's feet, despite suffereing several set-backs, was what drew our attention. It's this passion, in an over-saturated and increasingly difficult industry, that deserves our full attention.


We can't wait to see this production, in it's World Premiere tour, in the Pod at 53two.