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The Flags Of Manchester will celebrate everything that we see in our city. Picture the scene; a stage full of people. Each person or group representing one part of the make-up of our great city. A canvas splashed with the colours of every person who make up the fabric of Manchester. The colourful headwraps of our African community, the World War Two veteran, the snap-back cap and box-fresh trainers of a Moss Side Teenager, the flags of our LGBTQI communities, the businessman, shopkeeper, nurse, refugee and more, all united in song - a Manchester anthem. A rich tapestry that make Greater Manchester the best place on Earth.


With each of these people, comes a story.


Each story a flag.


These are the Flags of Manchester.




 These stories can be uplifting, sad, inspirng, beautiful or of times that you found difficult. From the past, of your arrival in the city, from yourself or your relatives. Perhaps you remember arriving in the city to live? Maybe your grandad fought with a Manchester regiment in the wars? You might have met your first love at a football match or danced in the rain down the streets of Bury at the joy of your firstborn or celebrated a wedding in Rusholme? Maybe your weekend visit to Chruch allowed you to find peace or your time in Strangeways forced you to make choices? Perhaps you're a membe rof a choir or an African dance group, a book club or Acoholics Anonymous and want to share a collective story? Poetry, dance, rap, songs...whatever you choose to represent your time in Manchester, whether you live here, were forced to move here or visit here, we want to know!


These stories will be collated and some chosen to be a part of our multi-media production that joins the many cultures of Manchester together. We want to hear from every corner of our 10 boroughs and from every group; dance, song, music or spoken word. You name it, we want it!


You can submit your stories below; with your name or anonymously. We can't use all the stories submitted but we aim to use as many as we can.


Submit your 500 word maximum brief below. These will be extended and developed for professional actors or interviews if needed so don't worry about fitting in all the information just yet.










Want to find a different way to submit a story or have a question? Drop us a ine!

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