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by Chloe McLaughlin


Set in 1962 Burnley, How You Love Me is based on a true story and

explores sexuality, class and above all else love.


Marie thought she had her life sorted. After all, she’d followed all the

rules. She’d married her childhood sweetheart, Ernie, a respectable

man with a respectable job from a respectable family. She’d given

up work and she’d become a housewife. What more could she want?

But with most of her days spent alone, Marie begins to miss working

and so Ernie suggests she joins a ‘Keep Fit’ class in order to ‘be in

female company.’ There she meets Liz and all of a sudden… life isn’t

quite as perfect as it seems. Bonding over cake, music and burpees,

Liz shows Marie a whole new world and in the end she must make a

decision… to do as society expects her to or to risk everything and

do as her heart wants her to.


19th September


Tickets £8




20th September


Tickets £8

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