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MancMade (Xmas)



MancMade at 53two is back!


This time, we've re-formatted and are squeezing all of the goodness into three days of Christmassy brilliance. We'll be showcasing

plays, live music, performance poetry and food, all

under one quintessentially Manc, brick roof.


Join us to celebrating all things fantastic from film to stage and be there when writers & producers launch their work, when we celebrate festiveness and drink beer in the name of the Greatest City on Earth.


When is it?

Thurs 20th - MancMade Fest Day 1

Fri 21st MancMade Fest Day 2


What Is It?

Two days of theatre, music, art and creativity and wonderfulness all celebrating not only Manchester but the season to be jolly!


How much is it?

£5 per day