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Peggin' Out


Beth and Robbie have lived on their council estate all their lives - it’s not the nicest place to live but it’s their community, their home and when a house becomes vacant the residents are surprised to see outsiders come in - much less a family of Syrian refugees - and not everyone on the estate is accepting.


Beth is 18, unemployed and not sure what to do with her life. She spends her time doing her Mum’s chores - including the dreaded ‘peggin’ out’ of the washing on the communal washing line where everyone has their spot. It’s at the washing line she meets Ahmed for the first time. The pair strike up an unlikely friendship much to ‘King of the Estate’ Robbie’s disapproval. As tensions rise and prejudices prevail, all the characters must choose where their loyalties lie with devastating consequences.


Set in 2010 Peggin’ Out explores racism, gang culture, class and friendship in the aftermath of the 2001 race riots that took place in various towns around the North West. A debut, script in development showing.



This piece will be performed 'Script In Hand' as a part of the script development process.




15th & 16th November



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