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‘PURGE’ is a work of new writing exploring young women, their bodies, and their relationship with the internet.


Meet May: a young nurse battling an eating disorder that she cannot escape and doesn’t understand. All fed and nurtured by her online obsession.


Meet Leia: May’s obsession. An American bulimic with her own You Tube channel, sharing every detail of her disorder with thousands of “subscribers”, “fans” and “followers”. Leia thinks she’s spreading awareness, but as she deteriorates, her fans become further invested, obsessed and disordered.


Meet Regina: a make-up vlogger with a fan base of 200,000. Overnight, Regina gains 2.7 million subscribers because of one video. One video that no one understands, not even her mother Carole.


Meet Carole: A woman watching her daughter fall further and further into YouTube addiction. how can a mother compete with millions of fans?


Starring Amy Gavin, Clare Cameron, Amy Du Quesne and Hannah Ellis Ryan


September 21-23rd






Wheelchair accessible throughout









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