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As part of our quest to save the arches and what we do, we asked Manchester to share their thoughts on our tunnels, the work we produce & what 53two means to them. They flooded in, we read them, we cried at how wonderful our patrons are & we wanted to share some of them with you...


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"53Two has quickly become a vital component in the arts ecology and economy of Manchester and


I was saddened to hear of its need to vacate its current home in the arches. It has provided a high


quality and supportive platform for both local and touring productions as well as being a home for


important fringe-level, cabaret, poetry and musical performances and artists.



This is a level, scene and network that is vital for emerging artists, for sustaining established artists,


and one for which audiences are not hugely well served elsewhere in the city centre. It is in such


venues that the skills are gained, the ideas are developed and the relationships are built that makes


Manchester the world renowned centre for the arts that we must remain.



I’m happy for my name to be added to the call for all possible support to be co-ordinated for 53Two


to find a new city centre home from which to thrive. These are good people doing good things for


the city and the arts and I wish them every success."


Tony Walsh, Poet & Performer

D.Litt (Hon), FRSA Winner: Performance of the Year, Manchester Culture Awards 2018




"This space is vital to the theatre scene in Manchester. It’s helped so many people be creative, put on


their work, work in general!! It’s not just a ‘space’ it’s a community building with many


relationships being formed whether it be friendships or work related. We need this place to


continue in Manchester as so much exciting, new, emerging theatre is created here and it has a


home to show to the public!



Anyone investing, sponsoring, funding this building are doing so in the knowledge it’s going to


thrive, hundreds and thousands of people will be walking through that door and opportunities


given to many who wouldn’t get it.



I could literally go on forever about all the positives this place has and gives to so many. As someone


who puts on a regular show here (MonologueslamUK) I love the fact it’s in a place like this and not a


main stream theatre that all the other uk shows are in. The atmosphere, the organisation, the


welcoming are second to none! I hope their work continues as I will for sure be booking our


Autumn show here once it’s up and running in its new home!!"


Vicky Connett-Philips




"53Two provides opportunities for new actors, writers and directors to develop and practice their


craft. It is a melting pot of creatives from around the North West. It provides an essential space for


new voices to try new works and develop them. I believe the work of 53Two is essential to support


new up and coming talent and on a personal level it provided the opportunity for my son (19yrs) to


perform in a short play that has the potential to open up his career, an opportunity that without


53Two just wasn’t there."


Allen Thomasson




"Been to 53two on a number of occasions and found it to be a great experience. The productions


were superbly performed and directed. The atmosphere is like sitting in your own front room and a


travelling theatre group perform for you. It’s a place that people who have never seen a show on the


big stage can go and experience it close up. It’s a place that’s needed in Manchester to give would


be actors a chance to show what they can do. Simon Naylor and 53two bring shows to people who


would not normally go to a big theatre. It’s a small and intimate place with big productions."


Arnie McNally




"Innovative, challenging, an important part of Manchester’s improving cultural scene."


Robert Howell




"53Two has been fundamental in my development as an actor and writer. I’ve attended training


courses (screen acting, improvisation and Meisner), I’ve delivered audition pieces for Monologue-


SLAM and, most importantly, I’ve seen a lot of great plays under the arches. As a venue for the


Manchester Fringe and JB Shorts I’ve seen ground-breaking, cutting-edge, culturally relevant


theatre on both of its stages. I am not aware of another theatre in the country that provides the


range and depth of theatrical performance offered by 53Two."


Johnny Temple




"I have attended many courses at 53Two as well as been able to perform there. Their courses are


great value for money, easy accessible and well run. The support you get from the venue and staff


when performing there or putting your own production on is flawless. They are committed and


helpful and most importantly approachable. They give a performance space to people to showcase


their work, and a relaxed atmosphere to network with other creatives."


JP Smith




"Having visited 53Two on a number of occasions, it is clear to every theatre goer that this venue is a


cut above the rest. The passion, dedication and professionalism that goes into every event is second


to none."


Lauren Tritton




"53two provides a wonderful opportunity for writers and actors alike to show off their skills. Also,


for the patron, it offers a homely personal experience not found at the mainstream large theatres.


The Manchester art scene would be much poorer if 53Two wasn’t in existence!"


Raymond Floyd




"I rate 53two above many other venues - it’s small, quirky and friendly and can be relied on to


present a wide range of events. I’m not aware of anywhere else in Manchester that offers so many


nights of short plays and new material, and if 53two were unable to secure new premises it would


leave a severe hole in my social/cultural life!"


Susan Barker




"53two has added to my development as an actor and as a person. The facility it provides for both


education and entertainment of the people of Manchester is second to none and is done with none


of the elitism that can be a problem in the arts. It must not be lost."


John Jones




"I associate the start of my relationship with this theatre space around the same time as I set up my


own actors agency and becuase of that it will always have a special place in my heart! I have never


had a close knit relationship with a theatre space before, I suppose when I think about it that’s quite


an unusual thing to have but this company has without a doubt helped to not only support,


encourage and stabilise my business but also it has allowed me as a person to grow in confidence


knowing they are always there as a family, it is my Manchester home and will always be somewhere


I treasure going to and for that I feel extremely lucky!"


Alex Priestley




"As a producer I know that 53two is meeting a need. Before it existed there were very limited


options for producing affordable theatre in Manchester. Hire costs were just too high. A lot of new


shows have been made that wouldn’t have been made. And these have reached new audiences with


their affordable ticket prices. 53two is also a hub for creative talent to get support and a sense of


community. On a personal note, I’ve also been able to develop and practice my skills as an actor.


This has both been through training provided there and through performing on the 53two stage.


They were able to offer training at an accessible affordable rate, presumably in part due to having


their own venue. I would not have been able to afford the alternative training options available in


Manchester. This training has meant so much to me and has transformed my life. Thank you for the


incredible support of Simon, Alex and every member of the 53two team."


Diana Atkins




"Since I have been going to 53two, it has changed a part of my life in a special way. Apart from seeing


some truly amazing plays there, my social network of people, I have met in the industry I choose


as my career, has grown. I feel 53two has become a comfortable, friendly venue I can visit, even at


times alone, yet feel safe and secure to enjoy an evening out which is affordable and in atmosphere


which I feel is a perfect environment. 53two is a versatile venue. It can hold theatre, film evenings,


parties and celebrations. I have been visiting 53two for the past couple of years and I have had the


honour of being invoved in the film challenges there. The staff and management of the venue have


worked hard to make it what it has become, and we appreciate all the hard work that has gone on


behind the scenes to make 53two what it has become. I for one, would be sorry to see 53two go. It


brings too much fulfilment to many people’s lives, on many levels."


Joanne Venet




"I have regularly attended a number of events at 53Two since it opened. I have always found the


welcome to be incredibly warm and friendly and the atmosphere vibrant. As a writer I have had the


privilege to have some of my work staged here. If it wasn’t for 53Two and the encouragement they


provide I would struggle to find similar venues where my work could be staged. Venues like 53Two


are part of the backbone of Fringe Theatre in Manchester, encouraging under represented groups


and individuals to be able to access theatre and develop their skills as creatives and performers.


53Two has continued to push the boundaries and raise the standards of theatre in Manchester.


They have given opportunities to so many people of all ages and different ethnic, cultural and class


backgrounds, who otherwise would have difficulty in finding outlets for their creativity. Audiences


love the venue and have responded to the preparedness of 53Two to present plays and events at


affordable prices which are difficult to access elsewhere in the city. It is vitally important that


53Two finds another venue to continue this brilliant work."


David Jones




"53Two is essential to Manchester theatre as an accessible, supportive and welcoming venue.


Speaking from my own experience, 53Two nurtures early-career artists giving them a wealth of


opportunities to explore every avenue of their creativity. It’s a safe space to try out new work, make


mistakes, have triumphs and champions a sense of community. Personally benefitting from their


support in helping me put on my first show outside of training, 53Two have helped me to grow in


confidence. Thanks to their support I’ve been able to write another play and have a scratch showing


and grown in confidence enough to send my work elsewhere as well as to festivals and


competitions and take part in response nights. 53Two is truly for artists."


Chloe McLaughlin




"Well, where do I start? As well as being lovely people, they are supportive of so many types of


performance. The Arches are always busy entertaining Manchester. They have been so supportive


of my writing and the writing of many emerging playwrights. Many thanks to them and I think it is


such a shame that they are losing the Arches... I hope 53two continues in its next manifestation!"


Aisling Caffrey




"It’s thoroughly important to have such a central collective hub where creatives alike can produce


next generation theatre to the public. We are aviators and pioneers of this age taking to the skies


by opening people’s imagination. To think and do right by each other. This theatre holds everything


that’s true to survive in these times and breaking this would be a great shame for Manchester.


Never has theatre been so important to people and these stories need telling to better ourselves


not to carpet it under rumbles and build a hotel."


Jack Bell




"Finding 53Two has been somewhat life changing and life enhancing for me. Having come into the


acting industry late in life to find a place such as this is incredible. I have performed there twice


and the encouragement, professionalism and welcome given by Simon and Alex is second to none. I


have also attended excellent classes there. And last but not least found a theatre to visit as an


audience member on so many occasions to watch theatre at its best. It’s an amazing place to be able


to go with friends or alone as there will always be a friendly and familiar face there whenever you


go. Manchester needs and loves 53Two."


Lynda Arron




"The owners of 53Two are passionate about what they do, the industry in which they participate and


the people who frequent all of it. They promote an inclusive environment with a non-elitist attitude.


From theatre, film, weddings, functions, gigs and many corporate and yummy food events, there is


so much on offer, it’s mind-boggling. 53Two helps local talent flourish by directly supporting artists


and local businesses through special events (such as the MancMade festivals), sponsorship of


theatre productions through discounted venue prices, their very own Foundation scheme etc.


I have directly benefited from the support of 53Two, who allowed my theatre production to


conduct a table reading of a play within the arches for NO COST (other than munchies). This kind


of benevolence is why I keep going back to 53Two as one of my preferred venues in the great city


of Manchester. The team is awesome, they run on a shoestring and give all of their soul to us... the


punters! Oh... did I mention that they also employ people to help run the place? It may be small


potatoes to hand bar-staff a few quid for a night serving thirsty punters, but it shares the love and


passion of everything that makes the team brilliant! Long live 53Two."


David Chriscole




"For the excellent plays, they put on. Supporting up and coming artists, producers and writers."


Gill Simpson




"Being involved with 53two has changed my life. Without the support of 53two and Simon Naylor I


would still not have told my story on a stage. My story, of domestic abuse, is one that affects


millions of people in this country and my speaking out has already inspired others to start telling


their stories too. I am currently involved with a charity who support women to leave and/or


recover from domestic abuse and together we are working towards getting my story heard on


bigger stages, in colleges and universities and in front of the people who have the power to change


legislation and distribute the funding that is needed to begin the eradication of domestic abuse."


Ann Brown




"I have never loved an organisation as much as I love 53two. Their continuous support for


emerging artists is remarkable and has provided me personally with opportunities that have


significantly enhanced my own career; from hosting monologue slam which allowed me to


showcase both my writing and acting, to producing shows such as the MancMade Christmas


festival and Offcut Manchester which have allowed my writing and acting to be seen by industry


professionals, 53two have helped me no end. Without these opportunities that 53two have provided


I would not have had the vital ‘credits’ that are required for meaningful participation in the arts. As


a disabled artist, barriers to accessing careers in the arts are rife and as such, there is a significant


lack of representation, but 53two have demonstrated their relentless commitment to ensuring


inclusion and equal access to these opportunities and in doing so have built a ramp to the


stage- something which has not been done for me anywhere else. 53two have also hosted the


Disabled Artists Networking Community (DANC) and have remained in conversation with the


Disabled artists community to ensure best practice. It is not only physical inclusion that has been


championed by 53two but, in aiming to make theatre accessible for all, they now also offer


Unwaged tickets. For an independent theatre this is incredible and sets the standard for all. In such


uncertain times, with job and employment precarity growing, this is such an important part of


making leisure and cultural activities available to all, not just those with large disposable incomes.


I myself have experienced homelessness and abject poverty and should this sort of initiative have


been available to me then I would have certainly felt more valued and included in the arts


community and society more generally. I want to thank 53two for their passion and commitment


and hope they can continue their vital work. The most sincere, welcoming and supportive team!"


Steph Lacey




"53two is vital to the fringe theatre landscape of Manchester. It presents work of the highest


quality and gives a platform for artists who would otherwise feel lost in what can be a daunting city.


Through schemes such as FOUNDation, they support emerging artists and their help was so


important to our production Flushed and our company Theatre Unlocked. They nurtured us, guided


us and enabled us to showcase our work in places and to audiences we otherwise wouldn’t have


been able to. Without this amazing theatre, the Manchester theatre scene would lose an important hub."


Elis Shotton




"It is a focus for people who want to showcase their drama skills, it is a centre for alternative


drama and a venue for drama courses since the closure of The Green Room, it is run by


professionally qualified people who exude dynamism and a passion for drama."


William Susol




"I have attended inspirational acting weekend workshops run by Simon Naylor and Karen


Henthorn. Have also attended various gigs there. It has a great vibe and atmosphere and serves the


community well, providing education, entertainment and a performance platform."


Brigid Hemingway




"Recently I moved to Manchester from London. Theatre 53two has been the only theatrical link I


have had since moving up here. Not only have I seen some fantastic shows but I have also had help


getting my first audition in Manchester. It has been such a help."


James Tweedy




"I support the continuous work of 53two after moving from the wonderful, authentic space in the


arches where ‘true art’ of any form could be performed. Their work adds so much value to the city


of Manchester. I personally have learnt so much about the craft of acting from the team at 53two


(specifically Simon Naylor) as I have undertaken training as well as being part of the great


production ‘The Newspaper Boy’ in 2018. There is something so specific and wonderful being in


a ‘real’ space that truly represents the city and the work of 53two has been of high quality run by


people with a certain gravitas. I wish them all the best in obtaining a new space and will carry on


support their future projects."


Yasemin Kafali




"53two is a fantastic venue for all talent, especially new and upcoming talent. The work that


everyone @ 53two has done is incredible! Special shoutout to Simon Naylor and Alexandra Maxwell


for creating a special place. I’m lucky enough to have been able to perform there. I hope I get the


chance again."


Steven Gidwaney




"53Two is a creative hub which is fizzing with talent and enthusiasm. They help facilitate artists


develop and nurture the talent. Before their incarnation - I simply defined myself as an actor


musician. Through participation on their 3 Month Acting intensive- I developed my skills as a


writer, penning a showcase scene as well as two short plays. Equally they have encouraged me to


continue to take risks and I have now branched out to directing, taking part in MAP 48 hr film


competition and more recently during the Offcut Festival season in which the play I directed got to


the final industry selection stage. Their ethos and community is an integral part of the Manchester


Theatre Scene."


Paul Worrall




"When I came to 53two I didn’t know anybody - I left with friends and a place to call home. The


theater scene can be clicky - and 53two isn’t... Or it is - and you’re in the click from the outset. I


couldn’t have achieved the success I’ve had without the help, support and encouragement of Simon


and his team. 53two is the beating heart of ground zero - grass roots theater in Manchester -


MancMade and proud to be so... If this venue and what it stands for and what it believes in ever


disappeared God only knows what would happen to the vast creative talent it embraces and nurtures."


Nick Maynard




"I think it is genuinely my favourite space in the UK. It is such a hub of important creativity and


important subject matter. Having just moved to Manchester I have been so impressed with the level


of work and diversity of work that is shown. As a company director myself my dream is to have a


show put on there too. Simon is a true hero in the arts world and all of the team that help support


this iconic venue are amazing. I cannot wait for what the future holds for this awesome venue! It is


so important this continues as we raise important subject matter in a community that makes it very


accessible and also raises important voices that aren’t usually heard! This platform is the main body


of how our society can develop and have the important conversations that must be had!


Keep it up!"


Matt Harwood




"The minute I found the arches I felt like I had found a family that I knew would support me and have


my back. The communal creative feeling you get at 53Two is wonderful. It provides so many


opportunities for artists and is doing some amazing work towards making theatre accessible to all. I


always leave feeling refreshed, inspired and driven to continue forwards."


Natalie Ciufo




"53two has been a hot bed of talent, with new writing being explored it’s amazing to see them take


on work from writers and theatre companies who are just making their way in the world. A lot of


theatres in Manchester feel impossible to get into, especially as a creative. I was hoping to work


with 53two in the future, it doesn’t seem impossible to be able to stage some work or be involved in


a performance. Ticket prices aren’t extortionate but you are seeing quality theatre. It’s a supportive


place that offers diverse theatre, and with subject matters that mean something. They are


constantly coming up with different events and nights to showcase topics and skills. The new


performers, the emerging talent in Manchester have somewhere they can access, to put on their


work and be recognised. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with."


Kailey McGowan




"At 53two I have been a writer as part of Pensive Federation and a director twice, once for the


straight acting theatre company and once for Offcut Mcr. It is a hub for independent theatre in


Manchester as venues close and companies struggle. It is open, supportive and inclusive, pushing


for diversity. I am saddened to hear it may close. Despite probably not having a huge income it


supports artists like myself providing free rehearsal space, which is so special and generous. There’s


no standoffishness which you can get with other more mainstream venues. They also do so much


for charity including events. Which main house is providing such cheap tickets for jobseekers? I


hope they have the support needed to grow and develop further."


John Klark




"How do I as an individual as an Actor view 53two.?...here’s but a few “labels” I would attach to


them...Creative Innovative Diverse Professional Welcoming Affordable Appealing Inspiring Belief


Passionate Driven Quality Empowering Consistent Integrity Efficiency Focused Transparent


Developers Leaders Optimistic Service oriented, Positive Collaborative - a breath of fresh air to


Manchester, for a small company it’s name is prevalent in any conversations reference theatre in


the North West given the length of time established and it’s brilliant team that go all out to give


their audience and actors nothing but a positive experience that in itself deserves recognition!"


Trevor Dwyer-Lynch




"I’d go so far as to say 53Two have been pivotal in the development of my Voice/Accent Coaching


business. From the get go, they’ve been open to discussion, inclusive of me in their training


provision and supportive by way of knockdown space hire rates to name but one. Their entire ethos


is to make the theatre industry here thrive from the bottom up, helping the new artists, under


represented artists, unwaged and anyone who needs some guidance and help. They are an integral


part of the Manchester arts scene and a 100% necessary entity. And ruddy lovely people to boot. All


hail 53Two."


Nic Redman




"53Two is a fantastic space for creatives in Manchester to network, showcase incredible work and


it’s accessible for all. One of the most moving pieces of work I’ve ever experienced in theatre was


‘The Glasshouse’, I was lucky enough to have my writing performed as part of the wonderful and


empowering ‘Celebrating Women In The Arts’ event here and I brought my now boyfriend to


see Jb Shorts here on our second date and we have since had several date nights in the arches


experiencing wonderful theatre together. Simon and Alex are such warm, welcoming people and


they show endless encouragement and support to the Manchester Theatre scene and I think that


they deserve nothing more than to receive the same encouragement and support they give so selflessly."


Hannah MacDonald




"This is a theatre space that has welcomed me as a new writer-a woman over forty - and encouraged


me to develop my work and ideas. Creatives are encouraged to learn and develop their craft


here. As a result I have recently had my first play staged at Offcut Manchester. This is a place where


new theatre for all-not just for an elite- is developed, nurtured and brought to life in outstanding


performance. This is a venue where the unwaged can see a performance for two pounds. My son


has a muscle wasting condition and uses a wheelchair. He cannot transfer. Whist he studied theatre


and performance at University, he was able to access all productions without problems, as there is a


ramp and accesible toilets. In contrast, many theatres are inaccessible. When he graduated with a


First class degree and began to perform, reaching the final of the monologue slam, Simon Naylor


built him a ramp so he could easily access the stage. He has since performed on stage in in play for


Offcut, again using the ramp which is a permanent part of the staging. This is a friendly welcoming


space which offers theatre for all and has changed the face of theatre in Manchester. Simon Naylor


and Alexandra Maxwell’s passion for theatre and people shines through everything they do."


Anne Duffy




"53two gave my company, Elysium TC, its first show in Manchester, Owen MacCafferty’s ‘Days Of


Wine And Roses’. Without that offer, we would never have started. Just over a year later Elysium has


staged four productions and is touring the North East with a main stage production of ‘Miss Julie’.


53two made all of that possible. Their continued support and passion since that first production has


been overwhelming, and I have watched Simon, Alex and David turn their company into a


powerhouse on the Manchester scene, producing or playing host to great theatre, providing


opportunities for writers, directors, actors and designers and inspiring everyone by proving that


passion and commitment can work wonders. 53two is a Manchester treasure and a vital part of the


city’s theatre ecology. Its achieved wonders already and will go on to achieve even greater wonders.


It must go on. I take great pleasure in endorsing it and urge anyone who cares about the arts and


theatre’s power to make a difference to get behind it."


Jake Murray




"In the nearly nine years I have lived in Manchester, there hasn’t been a creative venue quite like


53Two. I have been a part of some fabulous events there including hosting my own event as well as


going for social reasons such as New Year’s Eve or to support fellow thesps in plays. There’s no ego


at 53Two; Simon, Alex, Dave & all the other staff are warm, friendly, supportive & work hard. It’s a


place that unites lots of actors together to catch up & meet & work together. Long may it reign!"


Mia Vore




"53two has opened up many opportunities for me and I am so grateful. It also delivers a high


standard of Proffessional acting classes. My absolute highlight was taking part in Map Rep and 48


hour film challenge."


Parisa Nikkhah-Eshghi




"As an all too infrequent visitor to Manchester I don’t know if my voice carries any weight, but every


time I have visited over the past few years I have seen 53two grow in ways I could not have


predicted. Yes, the work they do has grown in scope, ambition, and quality. Yes, their facilities have


been upgraded to make the theatre more accessible and welcoming. But mostly impressive, and


important I think, is their outreach into the community. 53two has brought together so many


people, instilled so much passion, taught so much craft, and meant so much to people in a short


space of time I think it would be criminal if this brand and this exceptional group were not allowed


to continue to change and inspire in a new, permanent venue."


Anthony Cozens




"Although I am offering this testimonial about the ‘Building‘ described simply as 53two it is impossible,


for me, not to chronicle my thoughtswithout referring to 53two as a new ‘WAY-OF-LIFE ’,


unique to MANCHESTER. Allow me to explain. Before 53two there was a vibrant Mancunian Theatre


Community , BUT it was clearly split, between ‘Amateur’ and ‘Professional’. Likemost conurbations,


these two passionate communities did not recognise, let alone ,show any respect for each other, so


they never, creatively, had any chance of ever combining to generate a NEW community of Actors.


The arrival of 53two almost immediately ended this division and created this NEW community. In


my case , I had been a successful professional Television Producer/Director for over 50 years. Due


to life threatening illness ( contacted whilst directing the ‘International Indian Film & Television


Award’ Show in Mauritius),I was forced to retire from the career that I had enjoyed so much. To


begin again , at the age of 75, would normally be unthinkable and certainly to find a route to that


end, virtually impossible. Then along came 53two initially, in the form of the MANCHESTER


ACTORS PLATFORM (MAP). To my utter amazement and delight I found that the unique philosophy,


(formulated by SIMON NAYLOR) , facilitated a situation in which I could mix with both the


amateur and the professional, whilst learning the skills required by many other facets of my


previously long career. Because SIMON NAYLOR decided that the interior layout of 53(2) would be


sectioned off to produce a working bar, a working Theatre, numerous areas designated for


teaching, dressing rooms and meeting rooms. It meant that whenever I visited 53(2) I was guaranteed


to meet and talk to a fellow enthusiasts whilst learning about genuine opportunities within


53two. So far I have completed THREE Acting courses plus introductions to both the Stanislavsky


and Meisner acting methods , Welcomed into the NORTH WEST WONDERS festival ( where I


received very positive Critical Acclaim) and more recently in the new OFF-CUTS Festival. None of


this would have been possible without the uniqueness of 53two. 53two has changed my life from a


potential sedentary and most unsatisfactory enforced retirement into a critically acclaimed actor


(making my theatrical debut at the age of 78) . I cannot express my gratitude enough to 53(2) for


giving me a brand new lease of life which has also impacted on my entire family (visiting my


performances in 53two from as far afield as Hong Kong, Bermuda, Berlin and London.) There ARE


other venues for amateur and/ or professional theatricals to gather ( Royal Exchange, HOME , Hope


theatre ) but NONE with anywhere near the warmth, non- judgmental, welcoming, inclusive


atmosphere that can ONLY to be found in 53(2). I am NOT referring to a building called 53two, but


the philosophy that has turned a building called 53two into a WAY OF LIFE that just did not exist




Royston Mayoh




"2 and a half years ago I was signed off from the fire service suffering from PTSD. They were very


dark times and I had a long struggle ahead of me. I was receiving counselling from the service in


Manchester and I used to pass 53two every Monday. I popped in one day to see how they were doing


and have a chat and the rest is history. I found people who were there as a community and not a


business and they invited me to be a part of it. I was given free courses, as the fire service stopped


my pay. I readily helped when I could and they understood if I let them down on occasions as some


days it was hard to leave the house, but they were always there for me as friends and I was always


welcome. Eventually I turned my life around and feel more confident in dealing with things.


I’ve even been in plays and on tv. I can honestly say that Simon and Alex have helped me more than


they will ever know and I am forever grateful."


Dave Howell




"This theatre space is vital to the many, MANY, actors, writers, poets, musicians, comedians and


theatre lovers of Manchester. It’s more than a space, it’s a mentality. It’s a community for people to


network, create and achieve. I personally feel like 53two is the only space in Manchester I can


experience my writing actually being performed to an audience. It’s achievable. Without it there


would be no realistic space for new and upcoming writers to see their work on stage. It needs to


exist. It’s vital."


Martin Cooper




"53two gave me so much experience at such a young stage in my career in the form of JB Shorts and


for that I’ll be forever grateful that I got the opportunity to perform under the arches. It champions


the untold stories, the fresh talent, the voices that might not be heard. All this is shown by the


amount of new writing that is presented consistently there. The team genuinely care about theatre


and producing good theatre that is accessible to all. 53two is not just a theatre, it’s a community


built around the people of Manchester and one that encourages and welcomes everyone to have


their own special experience."


Duncan Butcher




"Amazing venue, I have watched and been lucky enough to perform also. The staff that work there


are so helpful and polite."


Muhib Parwez




"I’ve seen several brilliant productions there and have been able to do so as they focussed on


inclusion and affordability."


Karen Clarke




"I have lost count as to the number of times I have visited 53two to experience the varied


programme of live theatre. Part of the attraction is the quirky venue. 53two has kept the cost of


tickets very affordable and is a great platform for both actors and writers. Following JB Shorts to


53two was how I first discovered the venue."


Sarah Davidson




"This theatre space is one of a kind. Offering more opportunities than any other that I know of.


I am the co founder of TripleC which creates projects to break down barriers to up inclusion and


representation of disability in the arts. We created the Disabled Artists Networking community


(DANC) which is hosted by different theatre’s or arts venues every 6-8 weeks. 53TWO was one of


our strongest DANC events yet. Simon and his team listened to everything we said/suggested and


made 53TWO accessible to all disabled artists!! And that was just the start. Since then, they have


given so many opportunities to professional disabled actors and writers and quite honestly changed


their lives. If every arts venue/organisation/theatre had the same values and passion for change as


53TWO and the team, the arts industry would be more inclusive, more accessible, more


representative and even more life changing. LONG LIVE 53TWO."


Melissa Johns




"There is so much talent in this team, the productions they stage are varied and thought provoking.


Their production of “The Glass House” was superb, great directing and wonderful acting, it


deserves to get awards!!!! Love coming to this theatre....... always a warm welcome awaiting too!


Best wishes for future ventures."


Wendy Waind




"What I love about 53two is the effort it puts in to giving opportunities to emerging artists.


Personally, I’ve not been lucky enough to go straight in to a graduate job after leaving drama school


which I’ve felt disheartened by. At one time I doubted my ability and lost a lot of confidence. But the


Off Cut festival, in partnership with 53two, has completely changed my outlook! It’s given me the


chance to meet other creatives and I’ve regained all of my confidence (and it’s added even more).


53two unites actors, writers and directors and encourages us to create and share our own work


with each others support. In my opinion, it’s the most accessible theatre for not only artists but


theatre goers too as the work put on show is always current and relevant. It’s such an important


place to me because it gave me a space to develop. I don’t know of any other theatres in the area


which offer that to the extent of 53two. 53two is a unique, warm and welcoming hub and


Manchester wouldn’t be the same without it!"


Beth Nolan




"An important addition to the local theatre scene. Democratic, approachable. Has helped fill the void


that followed the collapse of organizations like North West Playwrights and the 24:7 theatre festival.


A place where entry level theatremakers can learn their craft and gain confidence. A supportive and


vital part of the local theatre ecology."


Kevin Cuffe




"As a theatre blogger, 53two provides a crucial service to Manchester’s theatre scene. Making the


arts accessible and affordable to all. It plays a pivotal part in promoting emerging creative talent.


Nothing shows this more than Switch Mcr."


Nicola Brierley




"Since the creation of 53two my enjoyment of live theatre has been rekindled. I have attended many


productions, both in the main theatre and the pod, from Macbeth to Take That. Every visit has been


a joy, not only in the Theatre, but the relaxing atmosphere in the whole arches have become a vital


part of my life. the opportunities this small theatre offers to amateurs and professionals alike


would be greatly missed in Manchester and deserves all our backing. Long live 53two."


Sheila Fallon




"There is no other venue in Manchester which strikes the balance between selective (producing a


constant high caliber of work & promoting conversation on essential/unspoken about issues), and


approachable (friendly & encouraging of new/unheard of artists, and artists from all backgrounds).


It’s a place where you can constantly find exciting new work, feel part of a real community, or even


just grab a pint. Simon, Alex, Dave, and the whole team at 53Two work continuously to help artists


who otherwise would have no means, or nowhere, to share their work.And when I say work - I


mean work bloody hard! I was lucky enough to receive the first ever ‘FOUNDation’ award for my


play ‘Flushed’. I had just come out of university and had no money, and no idea of how to get my


work seen. I sent my play into 53Two - best thing I’ve ever done! I was very quickly invited in for


a coffee and a chat. Where I was told that based on the quality of the writing, the initiative I had


shown, and the subejct matter I was working to promote, 53Two wanted to award Theatre


Unlocked (the company I run with my friend Elis) the first ever ‘FOUNDation’ award. This meant


that they would work with us to produce the play, and work with us they did! They helped us with


set (even sourcing toilets and glueing tiles to the floor!), significantly discounted venue hire,


promotion for the play, free rehearsal space, and were a general helping hand throughout;


Everything was done with a smile. I have since managed to take the play to Underbelly at the


Edinburgh Fringe, and to the Barbican in London this coming April and I owe MASSES of this to


53Two; there is no other scheme like this in Manchester. 53Two are the heartbeat of the


Manchester theatre scene."


Kate Cranfield




"I have visited 53two a number of times and have been very impressed with the shows and the


venue. The staff are always welcoming. The venue is so unusual with the wonderful arches.


53two gives the people of Manchester theatre experiences at affordable prices."


Jane Chadwick




"Where do I start?! From working in collaboration with 53two to promote the incredible talent of


actors, writers and directors that have produced shows at 53two, via my chat show on local


Manchester TV, to being an audience member at these incredible shows, to being a guest at


organised events there, to being on stage there as an actor at 53two; this venue means the world to


me as a creative in Manchester. The support and unity of the theatre community here in Manchester


is vital, and this venue has given us the space and facilities to bring that community together.


53two promotes, produces, houses and celebrates what new theatre in Manchester is all about.


Us Manchester creatives would be lost without this venue! It’s a big part of the theatre community


family. The productions I see, and work with, at 53two continues to inspire me in my own work, and


it’s a wonderful hub for us creatives to meet and support each other."


Gemma Hepworth




"As an observer 53 two has been at the fore front of the Manchester theatre scene in many ways,


I have watched them support and nurture new talent, give opportunities to individuals as well as


organisations, all with out any help from backers. I have also witnessed some of the best theatrical


experiences there. Their version of #glass house was probably one of the best pieces I’ve seen in


any theatre. I hope they get the support they need to continue to champion the theatre community."


James Schofield




"I have seen many excellent productions at 53two and they have all been of very high quality.


I also had my 50th birthday party at the venue and the staff went above and beyond to make sure


that the party was a success,they are wonderful!"


Jonathan King




"53two has been a wonderful addition to Manchester’s arts scene. It should be supported in its


search for a new home as it provides a valued facility for theatre."


Steven Lindsay




"Since graduating from drama school in 2016 and deciding to pursue a career in other elements of


theatre, other than performing, I’ve become familiar with a variety of fringe theatres. Whether it be


working in a box office/marketing capacity, working as a creative on a play, or as an audience member


- 53two is the best fringe theatre I’ve ever encountered. Their team is endlessly dedicated


to the productions they invite to play in their arches, and in their own fine productions. They’ve


become an indispensable arts hub in Manchester, evidenced by established production companies


wanting to become part of the 53two family. Their professionalism in delivering the highest


standard of entertainment is second to none. There is no ask too much for them to accommodate.


I’ve seen a diverse array of material being presented at the theatre, and it has all been of the highest


standard. Beyond that, programs such as their FOUNDation, MAP Rep Company and on-site acting


classes are doubtless of the best professional standard. Their chief executive has said in the past


that “fringe” does not have to mean lacking in values. That just because the theatre that is


presented away from the commercial sector, the kind of theatre that does not share the same


advantages of funds and resources as you might find in publicly subsidised arts organisations, or


those with rich benefactors, that does not mean that fringe theatre has to be any the less in quality.


That thought pervades every inch of 53two. The quality, the care, the attention, the blood, sweat


and tears of the people who run this venue is evident in their output. It would not be an


exaggeration to say that if 53two were to cease their operations, then Manchester would lose it’s


finest arts venue. I cannot recommend this team enough."


Alex Knott




"As someone who relocated to the North recently. 53Two gave me my first job back up here as a


director. I’m eternally grateful to Simon, Alex and the team for taking chances on new artists and


providing platforms for people who are trying to make a living in this overly saturated industry.


Their training program MAPlatform is a credit to the amazing tutors they bring in and I have had


the pleasure of directing some of these members proving to me the training is current and


demanding. Their own in house productions have also set a benchmark for theatre makers on the


fringe circuit. If Hope Mill has musicals covered then 53Two has the straight drama box ticked. The


recent production of The Glasshouse was outstanding and happily competed with other theatres


who are an NPO. I hope 53Two gets the funding it so richly deserves to grow and prosper. This


place and the people who run it are making important changes and advancements."



David Whitney




"A recent convert to the arches means I have enjoyed a wide variety of shows and open events. The


environment is friendly and welcoming. The use of the space is original and surprising. The overall


factor about 53Two and the residents is the bringing together of many local artists and their


enthusiastic audience. In a time of measured funds this company has given a great arena for those


wanting to share and develop their pieces for future consideration. I have especially enjoyed


resident shows such as The Glasshouse and returning groups such as JB Shorts and Manc Made


Official. The company richly deserves acknowledgement for their championing of local artists, creative


teams and Northern stories. If you’re looking for the Northern Powerhouse - it’s 53Two and


those performing within it’s walls."


Jamie Byron




"Great arts space with a lovely vibe. Seem some great theatre here with a varied and imaginative use


of the space. A lot of opportunity for new writing and chance to hear a wide range of voices


portrayed. A really valuable asset to the vibranthub that is the current Manchester Theatre scene."


Amanda Dunlop




"I think that it is important to support the performing arts and I consider 53two to be a place that


does so."


Paul Pallister




"I’ve been writing down south for a good few years, but when I moved back up to Manchester it was


like starting again. I am SO greatful I found 53two. They really do feel like the beating heart of the


indie theatre scene here and through their warmth and encouragement I now feel very much a part


of the creative community in this incredible city. The greatest thing though, is that 53Two truly


believe theatre is for everyone. Both in the creating and watching. (Their £2 ticket scheme for the


unemployed is an awesome idea - one that should be adopted nationwide.) Completely and


absolutely. This is a place where all are welcome."


Gemma Langford




"This is an incredible venue, ran by amazing people. The events they put on have helped bring


otherwise ‘buried’ stories and perspectives to light for the people of Manchester to not only enjoy,


but engage in. I won the award for Best Actor, during their most recent M.A.P 48hr film contest,


this allowed me to meet with casting directors and many other people within the entertainment


industry. It also gave me a very slick short film to show to potential jobs. The work they do within


the city is second to none, I struggle to think of other theatres that have set such a strong


precedent of community engagement and enrichment."


Luke Seddon




"53Two gave me the confidence that I can be an actor. It opened up new friendships and a whole


new community of theatre and the people within it which is now solidly part of my life and my identity.


The staff are so supportive, the audiences are so loyal and the whole place is such a brilliant,


forward-thinking venue which makes you feel part of something bigger and like you can have an




Amy Webber





"This is an amazing small theatre for the people and is affordable for all. 53two put on amazing


productions and because it is affordable, attracts those people who normally can’t afford to visit the


theatre. The staff are professional and always make everyone welcome. Brilliant night out.


Love it!"


Shirley McNally




"53Two, to put it simplily has changed my life. I originally fell through the doors of the arches after


tracking down a wonderful teacher I had once seen work, and wanted to be taught by her, 53two


were able to make this possible, as she teaches an acting for screen course there, which is of a


VERY high industry standard. I am midway through, having just started the 2nd level of 3, but have


also been given the chance to repeat the first level, FOR FREE. You don’t get those chances


anywhere... as well as this training pushing my career and giving me the fundamental tools I need to


make it in the crazy industry, I’ve also made a wonderful life long friend, who has changed my life.


Along with connecting with friends mostly new, but one or two old that are doing the course - or


that are connected to 53Two in some way. This aside, my eyes have seen one or two fantastic


productions, and my ears have heard of many money either by people that have watched, or people


that have performed. I was only talking yesterday to a friend about how accessible the ticket prices


are, against other theatres in the city centre or even outside the city centre and the quality you get


is just second to non. I am yet to take part in a production, but I hope the opportunity will arise


soon. And like for like with the courses that are offered, some of them you just can’t get anywhere


else - and even the ones you can.. the cost and quality for what you get are just miles ahead


anything I’ve come accross, anywhere else before - and I’m not new to this crazy game! And then,


there is the social events!!! Back in November I attended a ‘Lady’s night’ organised by Alex, I had the


time of my life, such a good vibe, great entertainment, brilliant nextworking opportunities if you


seek them and lots of laughs with one, what felt like one big group of friends, or one big family. And


that’s what we are, a tribe of like minded people, that are also open to everyone else - far and wide.


I think the word I used most in this, is opportunity- and that’s what 53Two is, a wonderful bundle of


opportunity to a whole range of people, a safe space to play, learn and enjoy without fear of j


udgment. 53Two, thank you for opening not only your doors, but your heart to me, wherever you go


and whatever the next stage of the journey will be, I back you, and I will follow."


Danielle Chester




"53Two puts on some amazing productions for affordable prices, meaning more people are able to


experience theatre. The Glasshouse is one of the most insane, heartbreakingly beautiful pieces of


theatre I have ever had the pleasure to see and 53Two was the perfect place to have it as they


understand that theatre doesn’t have to be on a massive stage, sometimes it can be intimate with


a small audience and that can make you feel part of something special."


Jodie Gall