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Young couple, Jamie and Katie are at a period of uncertainty in their lives. In an attempt to ‘reconnect’, Jamie books them a hotel room 15 minutes down the road from their house in which he intends to do nothing but spend all evening chatting. When there is an unexpected revelation, the couple is forced to re-evaluate everything they think they know about themselves and their relationship. Zucchini is a new play that explores 21st-century approaches to sexuality, identity and what happens when heteronormative people don’t fit into a heteronormative relationship.


After the success of their debut production Flushed by Catherine Cranfield, the original 53two FOUNDation award winners, Theatre Unlocked, are pleased to be returning to the theatre with their new production Zucchini. Zucchini focuses on an unconventional relationship between two people who struggle with their own sexual identities, one that is built on feelings other than sexual attraction. The play explores the ways LGBTQ+ people tailor themselves to fit into a heteronormative society by adapting the labels they apply to their sexual identities and relationships. As part of the production on the 28th, there will be a scratch night of 4 short plays centred around LGBTQ+ identity before the show.


The proceeds from this will be donated to The Proud Trust, a Manchester-based charity that helps young people explore and come to terms with their sexuality.


27th Feb - 1st March


£9 (£7)

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